The Old, Dangerous Art of Axe Shaving

Saturday March 02, 2019 Written by Garry

The pressures placed on modern men to be, well, manly, have lessened a little in recent years. That's undoubtedly for the best – no one should have to act like Ron Swanson if they don't want to – though it does make the thought of these Depression-era lumberjacks shaving with axes seem even more absurd.

Whether or not it was entirely common for the average logger to rely on their oversized blades to shave their beard on the job isn’t entirely known, but it certainly trended enough for guys like Paul Criss and Leonard Wallulis to demonstrate the skill in front of crowds, the former doing it to sell axes for the Kelly Axe Company, the latter becoming a finalist in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not contest in 1936 after shaving with a double-bitted axe.

It’s certainly a theatrical way to perform your gender – though we can probably think of safer ways to do it.



Via Dangerous Minds