These Retro Arcade Games Are Begging You to Play Them

Saturday October 27, 2018 Written by Kane

Like relics from any age, there's a lot of stuff happening on the internet that should probably be preserved. That's the rationale behind the Internet Archive, which has been preserving online curios since 1996. In the years since, it's grown into something far larger: a repository striving to provide "universal access to all knowledge". A repository, furthermore, that now has 900 classic arcade games available for you to play right in your browser.

So, you see, supporting a free and open internet doesn't always mean getting your head around the idea of net neutrality or having a nuanced understanding of the Snowden leaks. Sometimes it can mean spending an afternoon tearing out your hair trying to get past even the first consarned level of Ghouls 'n Ghosts, grappling about in Bionic Commando or slinging burgers in Burgertime – the very best game with a premise based on completing minimum-wage labour normally performed by teenagers.