In the Good Old Days, French Polynesians Had Special Mailboxes Just for Bread

Tuesday May 29, 2018 Written by Smith

Wide Mailbox 620X465 v

Up until not too long ago, residents of the islands of French Polynesia could wake up to a fresh baguette sticking out of their mailboxes. The boxes, which can still be seen perched on roadsides, were usually home-made devices, some of them built extra-long to shelter the precious breadsticks from the elements. The tradition of daily bread delivery started under French colonial rule. Bring it back, we say. And bring it here, too. Uber Eats just doesn't cut it.   

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One resident, Jean-Louis Delezenne, recalls going out to his mailbox every morning and picking up his baguette and coconut croissant. Our favourite part of this little historical morsel? If you wanted to get your actual mail, you'd have to fetch it from a post office box in town.

Via: Atlas Obscura