We’ve Found the Best Aerial Photo Ever Taken

Friday April 20, 2018 Written by Chris Harrigan

Wide aerial 620x465

Taking photos from great heights is all the rage these days. Which makes sense, given how easy it now is to get your hands on a camera-equipped drone, or commandeer a satellite. But after seeing this photo of Edinburgh, taken by Alfred Buckham around 1920, we’re not sure there’s much need to keep snapping. Put your lens caps on, pilots: the most majestic aerial photo was taken nearly a century ago!

Even more impressive than how the photo looks is how dangerous it would have been to take – and how little Buckham apparently cared about his own safety. As the man himself wrote:

It is not easy to tumble out of an aeroplane, unless you really want to, and on considerably more than a thousand flights I have used a safety belt only once and then it was thrust upon me. I always stand up to make an exposure and, taking the precaution to tie my right leg to the seat, I am free to move about rapidly, and easily, in any desired direction; and loop the loop and indulge in other such delights, with perfect safety.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that “perfect safety” is a relative term.

Via Kottke