The Man Who Made Tiny Bikes (And Rode Them)

Saturday October 28, 2017 Written by Genevieve

If you find miniature bicycles completely charming, but your only reference for them comes from The Simpsons (an excellent reference, by the way), we’ve got an audio-visual treat that’s really going to ring your bell. Resurfacing from the British Pathé archives, these two videos feature the master bicycle builder, Alfred Tabb of London, doing what he most loved: making miniature, fully-functional bikes, and riding them around for the amusement of others.  

The respective pieces of footage are impressive, not least because nimble Alfred was well into his 60s and 70s while performing tricks. And aside from getting to have a good look at Alf’s magnificent minis, the other notable element of the films is the splendid sartorial style – Alfred and his granddaughter Pauline’s matching cycling costumes in the first video are a particular highlight.

But perhaps the best part about Alfred Tabb’s delightfully eccentric efforts was the fact that he made his famous bikes not just to make people smile, but to raise money for charity (and it sure beats the ice bucket challenge). 

Films: British Pathé