The Subterranean Mail Rail

Sunday September 03, 2017 Written by Suzi Taylor

Body rail hero

If someone were to blog about the world’s best venues for underground parties, the secret London ‘Mail Rail’ would have to be up there. And not just because it is, literally, underground. Constructed in 1925, this automatic electric railway catapulted correspondence from one side of the city to the other – up to four million pieces of mail a day.

In 2003 after 75 good years, Royal Mail deep-sixed the system and sealed it off. Mostly. A few intrepid partiers managed to gain entry through some mail sorting offices, and evade the security cameras. Over time, word travelled and others followed in their dancing footsteps to explore the abandoned ghost stations.

Tomorrow, September 4th, the Postal Museum is opening up the stalactite-filled mail tunnels to the public. If you happen to be in London and fancy exploring the 100-year-old railway without getting arrested, you can descend 70 feet underground and have yourself a ride on a miniature train.

For the rest of us, experience it vicariously through this nifty Postal Museum video