Relishing your chutney

Tuesday February 28, 2012 Written by rohan

Remember all the tomatoes and zucchini you planted late last year? Well, now they're fully fledged adult vegetable plants laden with delicious edible food. If you didn't plant a few beauties, you should make friends with someone who did because it's now glut season in Australia.


It's that time of year when gardeners are almost sick of eating tomatoes on toast for breakfast, or cutting zucchini for soups, warm salads and baking. Not to worry - there's a way to make the most of this seasonal abundance, it's a bit C.W.A.A., but I see no reason why us blokes can't don an apron from time to time, roll up our sleeves and preserve summer's goodness for cool-season consumption.


Two of my favourite preserves to make are tomato relish and zucchini chutney. There are a million basic recipes for you to choose from online, so I won't go into the fundamentals, I'll talk taste.


The key to making a delicious relish or chutney is playing with flavour. I like to use mustard seeds, smoked pimenton, chilli, cumin and curry powder. Experiment with the vinegar type too; try apple cider for something different. The best thing is to mess with the recipe yourself. Who knows, you might just create a family favourite that gets handed down from one generation to the next.

Whichever way you go, it's fun, and the joy you get from spooning out some relish on a man burger with a slice of swiss cheese, a fresh tomato and a pickle is heavenly.

Rohan Anderson is the man behind Whole Larder Love, an online portal to an offline sowing, growing, reaping, hunting and cooking world.