Optimising Underwear

Saturday July 26, 2014 Written by Kane

You’re going on a lovely pleasure trip. Congratulations. Probably a short one, eh? Weekend getaway and all that. Throw a couple pair of zone concealers in your bindle and hit the road. No? A much longer jaunt, huh? Well then. Have you considered optimising the amount of underwear you pack? Should be third on your list, right after passport and a twinkle in your eye.

It’s not so crazy. Do you have any idea of how often you’ll be in the vicinity of a washing machine? Even if you’re carrying one on your back, how often are you comfortable with it eating into your Mai Tai time?

Put it this way: if you’re going away for 28 days; are happy to wash your underwear twice; will be wearing a pair when you do both washes and want to come home without a single pair unwashed, how many pairs of underoos do you pack? Exactly.

Throw away that TI–85, because Reed Kennedy has published the simultaneously least and most necessary bit of data visualisation around. Ladies and gentlemen: how to pack like a nerd.