DIY Video Game De-Yellower

Saturday January 24, 2015 Written by Kane

You may find yourself with an old NES. It still plays your copy of Punch-Out!! just fine, but it’s let itself go. Stained a noxious yellow like a lifelong smoker’s teeth, it makes playing classic games feel classic in the sense of antique. What you need is to whip up a batch of Retr0bright – an open-source gel that’ll get that thing as bright and shiny as the day it was purchased.

The compound uses household ingredients (assuming someone in your household bleaches their hair and has an interest in hydrocolloids) and the sun to remove what turns out to be the culprit in the situation: bromine added to ABS plastics as a flame retardant.

Get the amazingly simple, effective recipe here (and the science behind the process here). Next stop: that Commodore 64 or 128K Macintosh you have in a cupboard. Then: a brighter day for the retro computing world.