DIY Hobo Stove

Saturday August 30, 2014 Written by Kane

With just this guide, a few recycled cans, a cutlery strainer, wire, meths burner and a tea towel to stop cans rattling around when you throw it in your bindle, you’re ready for a life spent on the rails cooking ham à la vagrant. Or you’ve got an ingenious little stove for your next trip should you not be ready to make that commitment.

It’s a project from bushcraft enthusiast GrayBear, who grew up around the wilds of Dartmoor. His website is filled with recommendations of the best kit for adventurers and also – more importantly – the stunning knives and axes he creates from Scandinavian blades. This reindeer antler, stainless steel and leather number is particularly impressive. They’re stocked at Sydney-based online store Sorry Thanks I Love You, who have a pop-up store open till Christmas in the Sydney GPO building. GrayBear himself is coming down to run a knife sharpening and axe restoration workshop on September 6. All the info here.