DIY Giant Spirograph

Saturday August 02, 2014 Written by Kane

To make something more efficient you make it smaller. To make a thing more awesome you make it bigger. Hence an enterprising gent who built a two-and-a-half-metre diameter Spirograph out of wood, screws, chalk and the desire to make the biggest hypotrochoids and epitrochoids you’re ever likely to see.

The non-gigantic Spirograph has an interesting history, invented by a British engineer named Denys Fisher in the mid-‘60s, his toy company, Denys Fisher Toys sold Are You Being Served board games and a terrifying doll called ’Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces’ before being purchased by toy monolith Hasbro.

His most famous invention is endlessly beguiling, even today. A practical example of the concept of roulettes in the differential geometry of curves (if you’re being mathematical about it), it probably had more aesthetic influence over the ’60s than any child’s toy has a right to. Mostly, it’s just super fun. If you want that fun to exist on a scale far bigger than just a sheet of A4, get to reading this DIY, which includes the schematic PDFs you’ll need to get creating the most psychedelic driveway ever.