DIY Fireplace Coffee Table

Thursday November 13, 2014 Written by Chris

Ever wanted to snuggle up to a warm fire without the hassle of installing a working hearth? What about a raised surface on which to rest your assortment of mugs and reading materials? The Fireplace Coffee Table might just be the two-for-one furniture solution for you. And with these handy instructions, you can build the dang thing yourself.

The first step is finding a pre-made ethanol burner, which are apparently safe and fume-free enough to operate without need of a chimney. From there it’s as easy as hand building your own Ash wood table, casting a concrete countertop, installing the burner and expertly positioning it all together so that the former doesn't ignite.

Admittedly this is a touch more involved than cobbling together your average spice rack, but when the result is this good who cares how long it takes. Hell, even looking at these pictures is doing it for us.