Cleaning Records With Wood Glue

Friday November 14, 2014 Written by Kane


Let’s say you're a DJ-cum-carpenter who's just purchased a particularly rare Armenian disco 12" at an estate sale. You've got a gig tomorrow and the record is the only thing that'll make your set work. The catch? It's filthy. What do you do? 

How about grabbing some wood glue from the shed, smearing it over the record, letting it set overnight and pulling it off in one deeply satisfying piece. We're not sure if this is an audiophile-approved technique but, watching this video, it seems successful. The record transforms from crackly piece o’ crap to hi-fidelity classic in one fell swoop. At the very least it got the part of us that secretly loves peeling off sunburnt skin going.

Further reading: ever wanted to know what a record looks like at 1000x magnification? Like carving soundwaves out of an icy tundra, that’s what.

Top image: Microscopic Images.