Butch Anthony's Wondrous Junk

Sunday November 06, 2011 Written by wilfred

You can study at fancy schools for years or you can just start making stuff at home. Butch Anthony chose the latter. His Museum of Wonder displays over 40 years spent repurposing rubbish into visionary art.

Part cabinet of curiosities, part ever-evolving art installation – Butch’s collection of 10,000 pieces far outnumbers the residents in his hometown of Seale Alabama (an unincorporated community of a few hundred people). The Deep South has long been a fertile breeding ground for vibrant, self-taught artists (his neighbour is a similarly successful artist John Henry Toney). Folk aficionados will see Butch's work as honouring this rich lineage. Neophytes will just be gobsmacked by his handiwork.

Twenty-five cents is the admission fee if you are ever in Seale. Butch also sells artwork via his website and creates customised architecture for clients around the world.