What’s more authentically Canadian than Justin Trudeau and Barenaked Ladies playing ice hockey against the original cast of Degrassi Junior High – all while enjoying free universal healthcare? This recipe for Authentic Canadian Poutine, that’s what.

Got a tree? You’ve got a canoe. (At least according to this mesmerising DIY video.)

DIY: How to Build a Hotel for Bees

Saturday March 11, 2017

Help save the world buy building this fancy-looking bee hotel.

How to Make a Pizza Oven in an Old BBQ

Saturday February 25, 2017

Put away the bricks and cement: here’s how to make some very bellissimo pizza in your old BBQ.

A certain Hallmark holiday is fast approaching. If you're the kind of person who marks these occasions with breakfast in bed (no judgement), you could do worse than give these smoked-salmon crepes a shot. 

We caught up with the co-founder of iFixit – the Wikipedia of fixing stuff – ahead of his talk at WOMADelaide's Planet Talks series.

A messy night calls for messy food. In his first recipe for Smith Journal, the Tote’s Brian Edwards shows us how to make this very German non-delicacy.

Specifically: like Renzo Piano, designer of the Whitney Museum.

In our final summer drinking guide with the Everleigh, we learn how to make a real crowd-pleaser: the Mint Julep on Steroids.

In part three of our summer drinking guide, the Everleigh's principle bartender Michael Madrusan shows us how to make a salad you'll actually want to drink.