Learn to Dance with James Brown

Wednesday January 08, 2020 Written by Smith

Heading out tonight? Need to brush up on your dance moves? Let James Brown show you how to get down (right on, right on), in this short video.

Watch as the Godfather of Soul teaches you how to do the Boogaloo (“one of the hardest dances in the world”, apparently). Marvel as he breaks the Funky Chicken down into a series of easy-to-mimic waddles. Laugh as he suggests that the Mashed Potato is something you might actually want to do on the dance floor.

Sadly the short tutorial doesn’t cover his best dance move of all: the famous James Brown split. Luckily, some enterprising YouTuber has put together this supercut of the Soul Brother doing the crotch-endangering move over and over. We’d definitely recommend warming up before attempting.