9 Homemade Christmas Gifts You’d Secretly Want to Receive Yourself

Monday December 23, 2019 Written by Amy

Do you walk around markets thinking: “Yep, I could make that.” But then you just – well, don’t? We’ve curated a list of some of our top DIY gift ideas to help you follow through and do that thing you say you’ll do every Christmas but then run out of time for: make your own presents. 


Stout and Coffee Soap

Beer - you’d bathe in it if you could… turns out you can. These are two of our all-time top ingredients. Might need to stick a “not for consumption” label on this one.

» Make it here


Leather Journal

This beautiful journal is a little fiddly but we have faith in you. Why don’t you pull out all the stops and make your own leather too, as per our post on DIY fish leather.

» Make it here


Mason Jar Speakers

We know, they’re hipster as hell. But when you’re chilling in the backyard on Boxing Day, with your nephew introducing you to some new tunes, you’ll be happy you made them.


» Make them here


Woodland Diorama Bookends

Varnish a couple of hunks of wood and stick a tiny forest and a mini Bambi on them – what’s not to like?


» Make them here

Pizza Garden

Forget socks, this is the new go-to present for the rellie who has everything. A lush planter full of basil, tomato, thyme, oregano – (almost) everything you need to make the universal food, pizza.


» Make it here 


Geode Bottle Stoppers

Add some sparkle to someone’s liquor cabinet. Throw in a bottle of booze too and you’ll be the toast of the town.


» Make them here



Concrete Clock

The perfect gift for a minimalist. Simple, sleek and easy to make.

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For the kids...


OK, it’s a bit fugly but nothing some paint can’t fix – and kids love spying. 

» Make it here



Strictly for inanimate target practice only. We don’t want your angry emails when Auntie Shazza gets a rum ball accidentally flung into the eye.


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