Off-Grid, Up-Mountain in a DIY Cabin

Friday November 29, 2019 Written by Genevieve

Mike Basich is just like any other guy. Except for the fact that he’s a professional snowboarder who basically pioneered the act of filming yourself while boarding well before before GoPros were invented, and who now lives in a spectacular off-the-grid fantasy lodge that would make any half-adventurous person go spare with envy. But yeah, other than that he’s pretty normal.

Actually, there’s also the fact that Mike’s cabin, called Area-241, is nestled on a 40-acre property in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. And that he didn’t just build the whole cabin himself, but also the chairlift that scales the mountain to meet it. Oh, and he fashions most of his tools by hand, gets his drinking water from snowmelt, generates his own electricity from solar panels, wakes with the sun and goes to bed with the night like some kind of super-sage, Henry David Thoreau-esque supreme being.  

But we’re happy for Mike. No, really – we’re really, really happy for him, and not at all consumed with overwhelming envy at his utterly perfect life.  

Via Make Zine