How to Make a Camp Stove Out of a Beer Can

Sunday June 23, 2019 Written by Smith

According to these instructions, making your own camp stove is as easy as cutting up a beer can and putting it back together in a different order. It’s sort of like a low-fi Transformer that alternates between getting you drunk and fed.

You’ll need an empty beer can (don’t know where you’ll get one of those), a knife and a pair of scissors to make the stove, and some fuel and matches for getting it going.

The full how-to comes from Left Foot Right Foot, who make smart looking walking guides and outdoor tips for the casual camper. Their stated aim is to encourage adventure with an emphasis on the cheap over the expensive, and to this end may we say ‘mission accomplished’.

You should totally check out their walking guides. And cook a pot roast while completing one of them.