The Online Knitting Library

Saturday May 25, 2019 Written by Genevieve

Unless you’re an incredibly dedicated hygge enthusiast (or one of those strange, hardy types that enjoy being cold all the time), winter can begin to feel like a bit of an endurance test.

The obvious solution is to rug up. But an even better one is to start knitting your own winter woollens – not only will you be warmed by your output, but the act of knitting will give you something to do while you’re trapped indoors.

This is where the University of Southampton’s recently digitised Knitting Reference Library comes in. Cataloguing hundreds of the best historical British knits from gentlemanly jumpers to heart-and-neck-warming scarves and outlandish balaclavas, the Knitting Reference Library is an offering of such uplifting colour, coze and handicraft, it’s going to put your ticket to Morose Town right in the bin.