How to Build Sandcastles Like an Architect

Thursday March 21, 2019 Written by Genevieve

Though we haven’t researched the statistics or done any kind of fact checking, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that sandcastle-building probably doesn’t rate too highly on the list of the Earth’s most respected creative pursuits. Relegated to the realm of the holidaying child, sandcastle construction seems to be something most grown-ups simply don’t do, unless their sunscreen-slathered sprogs end up hassling them for assistance.

But Italian architect Renzo Piano, the great mind behind Paris’ shocking Centre Georges Pompidou, The (skyline-redefining) Shard in London, and New York’s epic Whitney Museum, wants to change that perception. He’s written a foolproof set of instructions for making the perfect sandcastle, kindly mapped out in this completely charming interview over at the Guardian. 

Our favourite part is his instruction for what to do after finishing your castle: “Go home and don’t look back.” Primo.

Illustration: Son of Alan. Photo: Not one of Piano's castles; rather, it's the work of brutalist designer Calvin Selbert.

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