DIY Wood-Infused Booze

DIY Wood-Infused Booze

Thursday May 17, 2018 Written by Smith

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For those southern-hemisphere dwellers, one way of surviving the cold, blustery, dark nights is to bunker down in front of a fire with good mates and a smoky, aromatic, wood-infused glass of something. Let's be honest, one out of three wouldn't be bad. So if you have no fire and no mates, then at least you can keep your good self company with one of these toasty drinks (and if you make a batch and give them away, well – there are worse ways of making new friends).

The good folks over at Man-Made DIY recommend using wood that's been untreated with chemicals – something like maple, hickory, oak, cherry, apple or cedar; avoiding 'anything that's toxic or tastes weird: pine, fir, walnut, and some tropical woods'. For the booze, they suggest any spirit that's known for being barrel-aged, like whiskey, bourbon, tequila, rum or brandy. 

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From there, combine the alcohol and the wood together in a mason jar or similar, seal it up for a few days and take a few taste-tests along the way for vital quality control. For a final touch, they suggest removing the wood at the end and letting it air dry; it can be re-used and popped on the grill to impart a subtle smoky flavour. 

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Images via: Man-Made DIY