DIY Tequila Balls and Christmas Pudding Vodka

Wednesday December 20, 2017 Written by Amy

Whack on Kanye’s little-known Christmas album and your best seasonal apron, it’s time to get festive in the kitchen. Don’t worry if you’re a culinary clutz, these recipes are super-easy. And if you're feeling the heat, just channel the chill of Nigella Lawson glazing a ham


Tequila balls

Rum balls – passé. We’re all about these chocolatey tequila balls with a chilli kick.

» Make them here


Smokey BBQ Sauce

‘Tis the season to be… barbequing. This recipe even explains how to can your sauce to extend its shelf life. If you want to up the smokey factor of this sauce, add some extra liquid smoke. 


» Make it here


Christmas Pudding Vodka

Pudding + booze. We rest our case.


» Make it here



It might not be Christmas food exactly, but this fiery cabbage sure is festive – all that red and green. Also – yum.


» Make it here

Sticky Chai

Chai puts the warmth of Christmas in a cup. And we’ve all got that uncle who insists on having a cuppa on a 40 degree Christmas morning.


» Make it here 


Curry Paste

Curry pastes are a cinch to make, and you can play around with the recipes to create your own signature blend. Here are a few from the always festive Jamie Jolly-ver.


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