How to Throw an Axe

Thursday November 30, 2017 Written by garry

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There’s a surprising new kid in town on the indoor sports scene, and it has nothing to do with rock climbing, cross-fit or hip hop yoga. No, in centres across the United States, Canada and even Australia, the ancient art of axe-throwing is back in full swing. So if you’re thinking about heading to your nearest centre, or taking off to a location with plenty of tree stumps and nobody, anywhere, within throwing distance, here’s a beginner’s guide, thanks to Bad Axe Throwing

  1. Nab yourself a small axe (blunt is fine) and find an inanimate target. Stands to reason that your target should be wood.
  2. Evacuate people and animals from the firing zone.
  3. Start off throwing from a short distance – three or four metres will be plenty. (Professional axe-throwers throw from over six metres, but no need to start there.)
  4. Firmly grip the axe with both hands, with the blade facing straight away from you.
  5. You and the blade should be perpendicular to the target.
  6. With your arms straight, bring the axe up in a slow, controlled manner, then let your arms bend slightly as the axe reaches its highest point above your head.
  7. Bring the axe forward, re-straightening your arms as you bring the axe down. Don’t overdo how quickly you throw, the weight of the axe will do the work.
  8. Release the axe as your arms become parallel to the ground. Don’t forget to follow through with your arms after release. If all goes well, the axe should rotate naturally through the air, and hopefully, embed itself into your target (and not your leg, or anybody else’s).

If you like the idea of throwing something sharp but don’t have an axe handy, you can try a knife too. We’ve blogged about that here. Or if you'd prefer to throw something with friends you don't actually wish harm upon, go the frisbee.  

Happy throwing.