How To Smoke Your Own Cocktail

Wednesday October 18, 2017 Written by Genevieve

Cocktail 1

We’ve brought you the lowdown on how to smoke a trout, but what options are there when you’re struck with the urge for a smoky morsel, but don’t have a fish lying around that you can smoke? Simple: open the drinks cabinet. Here at Smith, we’ve smoked our way through most foods you could imagine, so now we’d like to share two smoked cocktail tricks that’ll make your mixed drinks something to boast about.

The simplest approach is to set fire to the garnish. In this Sleepy Hollow Cocktail recipe, the folks from Jewels of New York suggest using a sprig of rosemary and letting that infuse the warm, spicy flavours of the mezcal and allspice dram.

But for those who want to smoke all the drink, not just the trimmings, that’ll require a bit more preparation than just setting fire to herb sprigs, olives and cocktail umbrellas. This Manmade DIY recipe gives you the full rundown on how to mix the cocktail, or one of its components, with actual smoke. The good news is that while a specialised cold-smoking gun would be ideal, you can also get the job done with a stovetop smoking pan, a pile of wood chips or even loose-leaf black tea and a saucepan.

Cocktail 2

Once you’ve generated your smoke, capture it quickly in a jar and seal it up. Then add the liquid to it and seal it quick-smart again. Give it a few swirls, pour and savour. Sssmmmokiiin’.

Image: The Jewels of NY