How to Make a Bunch of Chairs From a Pallet

Tuesday October 17, 2017 Written by suzi

Wooden pallets. They’re everywhere. Flung onto nature strips, sitting all soggy and forgotten-about next to dumpsters and behind supermarkets. Now, thanks to Berlin designers Yanik Balzer and Max Kuwertz, the humble old pallet has a new lease on life and they have generously shared with Smith Journal their steps for how to transform a wooden pallet into three weight-bearing, full-sized chairs. Inspired by DIY culture, Kuwertz describes them as a study in “material and efficiency”. We think they’re uber-cool and if you end up making a set yourself, share a photo of your handiwork on our Facebook page.


saw, nails, sandpaper, screwdriver/drill



1. Take the palette.


2. Disassemble into boards.


3. Cut as per picture.

pallets 3

4. Group the parts, as above, for each chair and build.


5. Repeat another two times, sand back to avoid splinters, then invite no more than two friends over to sit together on your new chairs, share a large bottle of beer, and toast “Prost” to the ingenuity of Yanik Balzer and Max Kuwertz.

You can see more of their innovative work here and check out the furniture – made of watering cans, garden spades and axes – that won them an international Core 77 Design award.

Images via Max Kuwertz