Rebels, Revolutionaries and Us

Thursday September 14, 2017 Written by Suzi

In Tips for Everyday Changemakers, the good folks from TEDx Melbourne have curated seven TED talks aimed at inspiring us to make change, rouse rabble and shake things up. Whatever revolution you're throwing yourself into – whether it's overcoming your biasesmaking a profit ethically, wasting less food, conversing with people you don't agree with or immersing yourself in a meaningful life – philosopher Michael Patrick Lynch implores us to cut through the digital noise and find a common truth.  

Smith Journal is a proud partner of TEDx Melbourne which runs on Tuesday September 19 from 9:30–5:30. The good news is that you, dear reader, are entitled to a 10 per cent discount on entry; click here for that. The Melbourne program is jam-packed with the biggest, brightest and most curious of minds, including Deng Adut, Patrycja Slawuta and Lisa Leong.  

Image: Banksy