Watch a Master Woodworker Turn a Whole Tree into a Canoe

Saturday April 15, 2017 Written by Garry

The Northmen are a group of European craftsmen – bladesmiths, carpenters, woodworkers, toolmakers; the list goes on – who pride themselves on the fact that everything they do, they do it themselves.

Take Latvian Richards Vidzickis, a woodworker and sculptor who in this 19-minute video will show you how he can take a tree and work it into a canoe.

Where most DIY videos make the task at hand look enviably easy, this video – which features Vidzickis and a helper taking a variety of axes, saws, chisels, wood planers and more to a large section of timber – makes the process look difficult, exhausting and time consuming. As it should be.

You’ll find plenty more Northmen videos on their Vimeo channel, but the hypnotic beauty behind the making of this canoe is a great place to start.