How to Make a Pizza Oven in an Old BBQ

Saturday February 25, 2017 Written by Smith

Pizza’s a pretty easy thing to make yourself – on paper.

Of course, in real life everything falls apart when it comes time to cook the thing: professionals won’t get out of the pantry for anything less than 425 degrees Celsius, and try as you might, your kitchen griller is only ever going to churn out languid disks of sadness dough.

Personal pizza ovens are usually the domain of the very rich or super resourceful. But YouTuber Tom, of Tom’s Test Kitchen, has come up with a nice workaround by using only an old BBQ (or weber), a couple of bricks and a stone plate, which gets things cooking pretty nicely.

Serious pizza chefs might scoff, but this setup will save you from mixing wet concrete in your backyard and leaving you with a very permanent, no-doubt misshapen oven. So we’re happy.

Top image: Weber
Bottom image: Serious Eats