Making Smoked-Salmon Crepes with The Tote’s Brian Edwards

Saturday February 11, 2017 Written by Brian


A certain Hallmark holiday is fast approaching. (It's this Tuesday, if you're wondering.) If you happen to be the kind of person who marks these occasions with breakfast in bed (no judgement), you could do worse than give these smoked-salmon crepes a shot. And you don't have to get up super early to make them, either – prepare the batter the night before and it will be all the better in the morning.


For the crepes:

2 eggs
1 cup milk
vegetable oil
1 cup plain flour
lemon zest (optional)

For the topping:

smoked salmon*
2 eggs
swig of vinegar
1 tub of crème fraiche
1 handful of dill, washed
1 handful of watercress, washed
swig of good olive oil
1 apple – Red Delicious or Pink Lady, thinly sliced and then cut again to make matchsticks
1 handful of caperberries**

Crepes G4


For the crepes, simply whisk together 2 eggs, 1 cup of milk, lemon zest and a splash of oil. Add half the liquid to a bowl and mix in 1 cup of flour until there are no lumps, then add the rest of the liquid.

Note: want better crepes? Rest the batter for at least 4 hours, if not overnight. This gives the starch time to absorb the liquid, thickening the batter and making it more elastic.

Lightly oil a large pan and heat. Coat with a thin layer of batter, and flip when it loosens. Cook for another 30 seconds and slide off, onto a plate. Repeat (and repeat, and repeat), while making sure to cover the crepes with a clean tea towel, to keep them warm.

Once you’ve cooked as many crepes as you’re ready to eat, it’s time to add the topping.

Poach a fresh free-range egg or two in simmering water with a splash of vinegar for 3-4 minutes.  Remember: the fresher the egg, the easier it is to poach. 

Smear the crème fraiche on top of the crepes in accordance to how decadent you are feeling.

Add the salmon. Be generous.


Add your apple matchsticks on top of the salmon.

Add the watercress, dill, chopped caperberries and a swig of good olive oil.

Garnish with some radish sprouts that you’ve cleverly grown in your windowsill planter box (optional), and you are good to go.

Now pour that chilled prosecco, and serve. In bed.

*Ethically farmed salmon has the double benefit of not only being better for the environment, but tastier, too.

**Caperberries are similar to capers, only larger, sweeter and with more of a delicate, less-briny flavour. They are readily available from good delis everywhere, but if they’re unavailable regular capers will do just fine.

Brian Edwards is the kitchen owner of The Tote, a rock pub in Melbourne, and East Elevation, a cafe/restaurant/chocolate factory. In a previous life he was also Bon Jovi’s tour cook.

Photography and styling by Jasmine Fisher.