How To Make Punch That Doesn’t Suck

Friday December 02, 2016 Written by Smith


There’s something fun and innocent about sharing a drink. Not the stingy ‘there are three of us, but we’re only going to have one sip each’ scenario. We’re talking about that seemingly endless supply of boozy goodness that got everyone giddy at your last party.

To avoid being bowled over by just one glass, follow a simple recipe and measure your ingredients. Get the proportions right to begin with and you’ll have everyone coming back for more. What the guests top it up with when your head is turned is tomorrow morning’s worry…


(serves 10–12)

This one’s perfect for a hot summer’s day with friends. It’s like a Mint Julep on steroids. If you have the time, leave the mint to infuse in the sugar syrup for a couple of hours before making the punch. That way, when you add it to the mixture, the flavour will spread throughout the drink more evenly.


700 ml bourbon

350 ml lime juice

265 ml mint syrup (see below)

500 ml soda

absinthe, to taste

fresh mint and lime slices, to garnish

For the mint syrup:

handful mint leaves

265 ml sugar syrup


Add all ingredients except the absinthe to a punchbowl with large blocks of ice. Stir before adding a touch of absinthe to taste – not enough to overpower the other flavours, but just enough for a little refreshing spice. Serve in a rocks glass with ice.

Everleigh book cover

This is an edited extract from A Spot at the Bar by Michael Madrusan and Zara Young, published by Hardie Grant. RRP $45.00. Available in stores nationally. 

Top image: Bobbi Lin