DIY: How to Build a Grass Hut from Scratch

Sunday July 31, 2016 Written by Genevieve

Some people define success as having a nice car, or a McMansion, or – if you’re a certain American presidential candidate – a series of unprofitable casinos.

But others, like the mysterious Queenslander known only as ‘Primitive Technology’, have a different take on achievement.

We first got wind of Primitive Technology back in October last year, when we saw him make a mud hut from start to finish, entirely on his own. Using a homemade stone axe, he took 102 days to finish the Dagobah-like dwelling, completing it with such quiet determination we didn’t know whether to gasp or start a cult in his honour.

And now he’s back with a new video, this time swapping mud out for something a little less slippery. With his trademark calm and stoic perseverance, we think Constructing a Grass Hut From Scratch sets the new standard for living a satisfying, literally down-to-earth existence.