Make Your Own Record Player

Saturday April 02, 2016 Written by Ronan

In the 1980s a loveable know-it-all named Don Herbert wrote, directed and starred in a low-budget cable TV show called Mr Wizard’s World. The show aired for just shy of a decade, and each week Mr Wizard would torment children by asking them difficult questions about how the world works. If he was feeling nice, he'd then show them – through some ingenious experiments – the correct answer. 

In this clip, an incredulous child called Jake responds to Mr Wizard's request to create a record player out of some office stationary in the same way that Luke responded to Darth Vader’s news about his parentage: “That’s impossible!”

But the patient Mr Wizard knows it to be, in fact, possible, and in a socially awkward fashion walks Jake through the steps. Watch the video to see how to pull off this party trick and entertain your friends next time the power goes out (possibly destroying their record collection in the process).