Build your own Boat

Saturday January 30, 2016 Written by Ronan

It’s summer, aka the time of year people who don’t usually go boating occasionally think about it. But if you’re not a rusted on sailor, there’s a good chance you don’t have ready access to vessel. Luckily, Australian YouTuber Stephan Pöhnlein has put together a nifty video showing you how to build one.

All you need, apparently, is a single 2x4 piece of wood and a garbage bag. Pöhnlein came up with the design as part of the Summers Woodworking Creative 2x4 Competition in 2015, which explains the focus on using that one piece of wood.

Over the course of a hypnotic 7 minute and 50 second video, Pöhnlein saws, chisels, drills, glues, sands and tapes his makeshift craft together, which he aptly christens the SS Thrifty.

So, does it work? Well, err, sort of. The first launch was not so successful, so Pöhnlein later added an outrigger (a second boat to sit alongside the first) and had much more success – albeit attached to a leash.

If you're interested in making your own slightly seaworthy dingy, Pöhnlein has put a guide on Instructibles.