How to turn a typewriter into a ghostly printer

Friday December 11, 2015 Written by Ronan

Chris Gregg is the Dr Frankenstein of the writing world. His monster? A self-typing typewriter that doubles as a computer printer. By attaching 48 solenoids to a mechanical keyboard and hooking them up to an Arduino-powered mini-computer, the Tufts University computer engineer can essentially shock the old-fashioned machine into fits of life.

As this video shows, the slow but aesthetically pleasing printer looks kind of creepy as it taps away. It’s hardly an efficient alternative to buying an actual printer from your local office supply store, but it surely has its uses: at a time when we’re bombarded with communication from emails, text messages and social media, a (seemingly) hand-typed letter may be the ideal way to get your message through.

More mischievously, you could make it type "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" over and over, and leave for your loved ones to discover.

To see how Gregg built his anachronistic contraption – and to build one yourself – check out his how-to over on Makezine.