Grow your own mushrooms from cardboard & coffee grounds

Thursday November 12, 2015 Written by Smith

There’s no denying it: mushrooms are weird. Neither plant nor animal, they once ruled the earth for millions of years, before finally being whittled down to size and eking out a living in our share house bathrooms. They’re also really tasty, though we don’t tend to grow our own like we do fruit or veggies.

Apparently there’s no reason why you can’t, though, and with these easy-to-follow instructions from inhabitat you could be farming delicious, alien-looking fungi in no time (and for virtually no cost).

You’ll need some corrugated cardboard (old veggie boxes should do), used coffee grounds (a great source of mushroom nutrition, apparently), a plastic container, and some mushroom spores, which are more readily available than you probably thought. Layer up like some sort of disgusting lasagna and there you have it: your very own mushroom farm. Just keep it away from the bathroom.