How to Build a Hut from Scratch

Sunday October 25, 2015 Written by Ronan

A chap known only by the moniker ‘Primitive Technology’ – and who we’re electing to call the Robinson Crusoe of Far North Queensland – has just completed one of the most impressive DIY projects we’ve seen in a while: building a tiled-roof hut (with underfloor heating) using only mud, stone and wood harvested with his homemade axe.

The project, which he describes as his most ambitious to date, took 102 days and required him to build 450 tiles in a homemade kiln. In the short film he’s uploaded to document the process, his steady determination almost makes it look easy. (He even manages to remain completely silent throughout – a meditative and refreshing touch in an age of self-aggrandisement).

If you’re feeling ambitious, the video – as well as these detailed instructions posted on his blog – gives a super clear picture of how to build one yourself. And if you have slightly less than 102 days to spare, he’s also posted about some slightly less ambitious DIY projects, such as this video on making your own stone axe.