The Soup Can Blacksmith

Sunday August 23, 2015 Written by Smith

Behold the tin can. Storer of food. Muser of art. And, if you follow these instructions, forger of metal objects.

A forge is basically a small oven used to heat metal up enough to shape it into a useful object. They were traditionally the domain of blacksmiths and industrial factories, but, according to online DIY-er Ben Cusick (a.k.a. NightHawkInLight), anyone armed with an old soup can, some sand, plaster moulding and a run-of-the-mill LPG torch can build their own by following the instructions in this simple video.

If we’re being honest, crafting your own backyard forge is going to be a little more involved than, say, building a spice rack. But not by that much. The real challenge is in making something with it once you’re done. The possibilities are virtually limitless.  Ben recommends making a knife – and has even produced another video showing you how to do it.