Style Icons

Wednesday January 04, 2012 Written by wilfred

What good looking man wouldn't want a pair of chinos just like JFK's bespoke slacks from Princeton tailor Langrock?

UK-based Heritage Research design awesome clothing inspired by US style classics, such as Take Ivy preppie threads and enduring military staples including bomber jackets and pea coats. On top of designing separates, Heritage Research also crafts replicas of iconic pieces.

The most recent release is the first to feature womenswear - inspired by Amelia Earhart - alongside menswear influenced by two starkly contrasting figures; former US president JFK, and late 1800s army veteran turned mountain man 'Liver-Eating Johnson'.

The bad news is that wearing the label won't help you make out with Marilyn Monroe, like JFK, but the good news is that you also don't have to eat a man's liver to dress like Johnson. Phew.