Shower with Dave

Wednesday January 11, 2012 Written by tom

Remember Is Not Magazine? For those who don't, the Melbourne-based magazine wasn't even a magazine, it was a 1.5m x 2m bill poster. 

US periodical The Thing take the idea a step further. It calls itself an 'object-based publication', which means that each issue is published in a different physical form (it comes out every three months, curated by a different creative person).

In the past, The Thing has taken the form of a window shade (curated by Miranda July), beer coasters (US artist Tucker Nichols), a glasses case (Jonathan Lethem) and a pack of cards (Ryan Gander).

Issue 16 is a shower curtain, emblazoned with an imagined conversation between Dave Eggers and, yes, his shower curtain.

If you've ever wanted a highbrow literary shower curtain, then get a piece of the action right here.