S.E.H. Kelly

Wednesday February 01, 2012 Written by jo

When I lived in London my friends and I had a game we'd play whenever we went to Shoreditch: "Hipster or Day-Release Patient?" It was harder than it sounds. Especially when any average outfit in the East End's hippest enclave might incorporate a fluoro rashie teamed with soiled pyjama top, skin-tight ripped floral jeans and hi-top sneakers with plastic cockroaches glued all over them.

Happily, even though they're situated in the middle of all this wackitude, the good folk at S.E.H. Kelly like to keep it a little real. They design classic garments like quilted vests, jumpers and blazers – stuff that'll probably retire with you 40 years from now – and source materials from regional mills and co-ops so each piece is entirely UK made. (And mercifully irony-free.) In the market for the Best of British? Have a look here.