Property of...

Friday November 18, 2011 Written by jo

Peter Teo and Richard Chamberlain are dab hands at coffee-making – they own a string of cafes in Singapore as well as an outpost in Amsterdam.

In between macchiatos, they've also turned their caffeine-stained fingers to making a line of bags, Property Of..., influenced by the kinds of guys they see every day sucking down their cup of joe.

With product names like Tommy, Lex, Carter and Alfred, you could think of their collection as a cast of their regulars, kind of like caffeinated versions of the barflies in Cheers. (Except unlike Frasier and co., this lot are actually functional and cliche-free.)

Made from traditional hard-wearing fabrics like waxcloth and leather, as well as coated tarpaulins, cordura and cotton canvas, they're built to look good and to last. Head here if you want to see more.