On the box

Thursday December 01, 2011 Written by wilfred

If you've ever been watching an old film and shouted, "look at that incredible TV set!" it was probably a Brionvega. Especially if the film was Italian.

Founded in 1945 in Milan by Giuseppe Brion, Brionvega's television sets don't blend into the background like our modern day shiny flat screen wall-hangers. These are striking design pieces more akin to mid-century modernist sculptures (NYC's MoMA has several in their collection).

After several decades of inactivity, Brionvega is again manufacturing TVs for sale, with two reissues of classic '60s designs, and one new 19" LCD with inbuilt DVD player.

Even if you hate TVs, you'll want one of these (I do). But you'd better move quick, as most designs are limited release.