Mieke Meijer

Tuesday April 10, 2012 Written by Jo

We've been having a bit of a makeover in the Smith offices lately, so in between Changing Rooms flashbacks* and marathon eBay bidding sessions we've become somewhat obsessed with desk and workspace design. Which is how we stumbled on the work of Dutch designer Mieke Meijer.

Mieke's Gravel Plant work stations especially position her as the Willy Wonka of considered object design, incorporating chairs, work surfaces, storage, drawers and flexible construction into one modish, eminently wantable package of pale wood and chalkboard black. We thought our new office was looking pretty sweet until we saw this.

* Please note said flashbacks DID NOT induce us to "decoratively" sponge-paint any part of our workspace, as every contestant on this show seemed to do.