Making a point

Monday December 26, 2011 Written by smith

These pencil sets by Paper Pastries make some rather compelling points.

Calico bagged and stamped with wisdom, the No. 2 pencils are geared towards bigheads, foodies, travellers and lovers. 

Our pick is the 'Know All' set, which works just as well for blokes who know too much, as it does for those who don't know enough. 

Cooks are covered with the 'Chef' stack, which ticks off frequently used but oft fogot cooking terms: al dente = slightly chewy, mince = chop finely... etc.

There's even an 'Enamoured' pack embossed with sweet (if super daggy) puns such as "You're Just My Type". Ideal for folks who prefer to let their pencils do the, ahem, talking.