Henry Wilson

Henry Wilson

Wednesday September 04, 2013 Written by chris

The French call it the vide poche. We call it the small bowl-like container into which we relieve our pockets of keys, coins and the odd lint ball at the end of the day.

Any old receptacle would likely do, in the same way that draping yourself in a hessian sack would likely accomplish the most technical functions of the tailcoat. And yet function is only half the point.

Sydney furniture designer Henry Wilson has determined every possible use for the poche (universal repository of coins, keys, phones and cards), and devised a way for it to store things both casually and compartmentalised-ly: flung objects can be separated by category, while a single tray on the reverse side permits the comingling of life's necessary clutter.

Available in both aluminum and gunmetal bronze, the heavy duty valet case is the easiest way to demonstrate you're taking care of the little things the second you walk in the door. To make things even better, 20 per cent of each vide poche sold goes to Amnesty International. 

Henry Wilson was featured in Smith volume seven and has offered to build a piece of furniture – a stool, lamp and even a table  for five lucky subscribers to Smith volume eight. Everyone who signs up before December 1 automatically goes into the draw. Click here to subscribe, or call 1800 069 918.