Heer Heer

Wednesday November 23, 2011 Written by nadia

How's this for niche: Daniel Heer's family have been in the hand-crafted horsehair mattress business since 1907.

Originally from Lucerne in Switzerland, 'Heer' started as a saddlery and mattress maker run by Daniel's great grandfather, Benedikt. Four generations on, Daniel has kept the family tradition alive, albeit from Berlin.

An apprentice of both saddlery and upholstery, Daniel worked as an artist and in theatre before he took up the family trade. Heer mattresses are still hand-filled and stitched, then upholstered in fine calico and wool. Daniel has also diversified the business into wooden stools and leather bags, but mattresses remain at the company's core.

Images: Kristin Loschert