Handkrafted Woodwork

Handkrafted Woodwork

Thursday July 03, 2014 Written by Chris

You’re after a new piece of furniture. A table, say, or a set of chairs. But your relationship won’t survive another Sunday trawling the floors of the local Scandinavian megastore. Besides, you’re after something a little more serious this time. Something to last. 

Enter Handkrafted. Like a Tinder for the furnitureless, the site hooks those in need of handmade stuff up with talented artisans champing at the bit to make it. Simply state what you’re after in a few words, sit back and wait for the prospects to pour in.

Each of the Australian-based artisans has an online profile, where you can safely browse their previous work and see whether you might like to take it to the next level. Handy.

We spoke about the old ways and new technology with Handkrafted co-founder Fred Kimel in volume 11. Grab a copy, find a local stockist, or subscribe.