Greenhouse by Joost

Wednesday February 29, 2012 Written by nadia

Joost Bakker's latest Greenhouse restaurant recycles its customers' urine. It's a gross-sounding bit of genius.

Rest assured that this specific recycling process doesn't happen near the kitchen of the temporary restaurant, which is up for 20 days as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

The real magic is in the 'urine diverting' loos, the contents of which are stored, shipped and stuck into the soil at a nearby farm - as fertiliser for a crop of mustard seed. The oil from the seed will be used to power future Greenhouse generators. Joost reckons that 25 people can fertilise one hectare of crop.

We'd harp on about the enviro-friendly structure, the uncompromisingly local menu and the kegged beer, cider and wine; but we've run out of space so this website and timelapse video will show you how it's done. Joost Bakker, Smith salutes you.