The Urban Garden (giveaway)

Tuesday November 11, 2014 Written by Smith

Sure, we all want to grow our own food. Be self-sufficient. Live off the grid. But toiling the land is hard work – particularly when the only land you have is an inner-city apartment. The Urban Garden – a modular, self-watering planter system – brings the farm to the living room (or alleyway), helping you grow vegetables, fruit and herbs without the quarter acre block. 

Made by Australian designers Glowpear, the Urban Garden's hidden water reservoir helps to prevent such city-slicker blunders as under- and over-watering. The ‘on demand’ wicking system controls the amount of water that gets to the plant, and limits filling to every few weeks. You mightn’t be self-sufficient, but at least your plants can be.

Thanks to Glowpear we have three Urban Garden systems to give away. This competition is now closed.

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